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A cloaked figure looks out over an epic, snow-covered landscape


Your mind is an adventure waiting to be explored

Become the hero of an interactive story that takes you on an epic journey to clarity, resilience and self-insight

Now available on both the iOS AppStore and Google Play


"Immersive & Engaging"

The greatest journey is the journey in

From our users

About Betwixt

"An engaging and powerful opportunity for self-transformation"

- Gail Boenning

"Everything is like real magic. I love it so much."

- takikunnnn

"You need to try this app. You need to experience these dreams, and listen to the Voice to guide you in your waking hours too."

- J. W. Harris



Discover the magic of who you (truly) are

The world of the In-Between is personal to you – it responds to your thoughts, ignites your imagination and guides you to unique insights. You already have the answers. It’s time to unlock them.

Betwixt combines story, science and play to make self-exploration epic.

Travel through the dreamlike world of the In-Between to solve its mystery and uncover your hidden strengths, drives and desires.  

​- Helen, 34

"I’ve used meditation apps, which are… nice. But Betwixt picks you up, transports you somewhere, shows you something you weren’t expecting, checks you’re ok with that, and then brings you back home."

A mindful escape

Replace addictive scrolling with mindful entertainment. Step away from the grind to roam free, nourish your creativity and keep your spark alive.

- Jason, 26

" It’s like reading a book… about me. And I’m my favourite character!"

We rarely send emails but would love to keep you in the loop.

Now available on both the iOS AppStore and Google Play

The Team

The Founders

Portrait of Hazel Gale

Hazel Gale

Hazel Gale is a bestselling author (The Mind Monster Solution), ex-athlete and Master Practitioner of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis working with Olympic athletes, creatives and professionals.


Over a decade of competition, Hazel achieved multiple World, European and National titles in kickboxing and boxing. Following a burnout in 2009, she qualified as a therapist in order to devote her time to helping others win their own emotional battles.


Hazel ran her private practice in London for over ten years, and facilitated both workshops and digital courses to teach self-awareness and emotional resilience.

Learn more here



Elitsa Dermendzhiyska is a science writer and social entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology, research and mental health.


At 25, she left her software business and spent a year talking to young people, researchers, nurses, psychotherapists, philosophers, artists and others to study mental health from many different perspectives.


That’s how she discovered the power of games and set out to explore how they can be used for good. 

Portrait of Elitza Dermendzhiyska

Betwixt was born out of a deep collaboration between cognitive hypnotherapist Hazel Gale, science writer Elitsa Dermendzhiyska and a number of distinguished collaborators.


The story of Betwixt was co-written by 2018 world fantasy award-winning author and game designer Natalia Theodoridou.

Our advisors include Dr Hanneke Scholten at the Games for Emotional and Mental Health Lab; Dr Sachin Shah and Dr Stephen Kaar (Royal College of Psychiatrists); AI creativity scholar Dr Sarah Harmon, and others. 

Betwixt on Social Media

We've set up a Discord server to share exclusive content along with updates about our official release, and also so we can chat with our users about Betwixt.

We'd love to see you there!

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