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Testimonials & Reviews

"Betwixt manages to harness the insights of the best mental-health scholarship and practice to create a fantastical space of interactive storytelling, a space which scholars have shown enhances users’ reflective capacities and their sense of agency – a necessity for mental-health wellbeing in the twenty-first century. I will recommend this app to all of my students!"

Dr Emily Spiers

Senior Lecturer in Creative Futures at Lancaster University

More from our users

"I cried through the first two (acts), because I felt like I was connecting so much to this, like I was being heard and understood even with such minimal input."

"I absolutely love Betwixt so far. I'm in therapy myself and have struggled with mental health and resilience, and I feel like this app has helped me progress more in a few days than I have in a while."

"More engaging than many computer games I'd played in the past."

"I've been very impressed with Betwixt. It's captivating, lovely to use, and represents a new direction in mental health care. I'm excited to see it evolve, and can't wait to get my hands on the next version."


Ben Marshall

FRSA, NHS Strategy Advisor

"A fantastical space of interactive storytelling"

"A new direction in mental health"

"Betwixt is exploring exciting new possibilities in the combination of interactive narrative, and mobile therapeutic content."

Dr Charlie Hargood

Principal Academic in Games Technology, Bournemouth University

"Exciting new possibilities"

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